Aerotrax Core

Aerotrax Core is a digital supply chain network that enables aircraft operators to connect with their third-party suppliers.

Business Network Discovery

Build connections with your approved vendor list.

Begin sharing data and sending messages seamlessly.

Check vendor profiles to see certifications, capabilities, and your contract history.

Asset and Component Intelligence

Integrate your aircraft and part data to create a comprehensive view of your fleet and inventory.

Access mission-critical records, ownership history data, and trace history data in a one stop shop.

Aerotrax MRO

Aerotrax MRO allows maintenance, repair, overhaul service providers to securely share data and documentation in real-time throughout the repair cycle.

Data & Documentation Sharing


Dynamic repair orders offer a synchronized view of the repair order for aircraft operators and repair facilities.


The collaborative features allow Supply Chain and Quality Assurance Managers at aircraft operators to give feedback or directly message Customer Service Reps and Engineers at repair facilities.

Purpose-Built, Secure Messaging


Each new repair order opens up a unique messaging window that all team members across both parties involved in the process can communicate on. Use it to send messages, clarify requirements, share documents.

Performance Reporting Generator


Generate supplier scorecards based on turnaround time (TAT), quality of recordkeeping, reliability of parts, and response time. Our customizable dashboard allows you to build.

We see a future where every aircraft, part, and component is tracked and traced in a distributed network.

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