Account Console, 2-Factor Authentication, and Inventory Enhancement in Aerotrax

Posted on Sept. 28th, 2021 by Aerotrax Technologies

Our Q3, 2021 enhancements include long-awaited features such as Account Console to manage your profiles and your team, 2-Factor Authentication to ensure account security and access management, and Inventory Enhancement for Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) suppliers to keep track of their inventory and parts’ respective maintenance history.

Account Console

The Account Console is the one-stop location to manage your account: your account profile, the company profile, and your account security, which includes 2-Factor Authentication. Users are able to easily manage their account information and update any changes to their company profile, if they have Admin status.

User groups are currently separated into two types of users: Admin and Member. Member users can manage their account information, update their account security, and view members on their team. Admin users, on top of the aforementioned functionalities, can update the company profile, update the account type (Admin or Member), status of other users (activate or deactivate), and add team members by entering their work email and sending the invite. 

Adding members is easy within the Manage Team sub-tab. Simply click +Add Team member, fill in the team member’s work email, and send. Invited team members will receive a customized link in their inbox to create their account and join the team as a default Member.

2-Factor Authentication

As a security enhancement, users can enable 2-factor authentication from the Account Console to connect other devices to make sure that no one else can access their account and take critical actions but them. There are 2 available authentication methods: SMS via Phone Number or the Google Authenticator mobile application.

Either selections will prompt the user, upon entering their account credentials correctly, to retrieve a code sent to their phone via SMS or the Google Authenticator app and verify that code to gain access to their account. If the user chooses to change their password or disable 2-factor authentication after setting it up, they will be asked to verify the unique code sent to their phone as well.

Upon choosing Phone Number 2FA, users will receive a 6-digit verification code to plug in.

Upon choosing Google Authenticator, a unique QR code will be generated. If users already have Google Authenticator downloaded, scanning the QR code will automatically be redirected to the iOS app or Android app and confirm the access token via 6-digit code. Otherwise, scanning the QR code will redirect the user to the iOS or Android App Store.

NOTE: This QR Code will redirect to our website to preserve the unique code generated by Google Authenticator.

Inventory Enhancement

To enable inventory management and parts tracking for MRO suppliers, Inventory for MRO accounts now include 2 additional fields: Lot Number & Quantity.

Lot Number and Quantity are two additional fields requested by early customer feedback. Some components do not have Serial Numbers associated with the items, so Lot Number helps uniquely identify these components. Quantity is an additional field that helps MROs and aircraft operators manage inventory levels for non serialized parts as well.

Adding these fields required refactoring search and filtering. While refactoring the search and filtering functionality to include Lot Number and Quantity, we were able to streamline backend queries that resulted in faster load times throughout inventory load.

Ultimately, these enhancements enable MROs and aircraft operators to better manage their inventory and keep track of the usage and the maintenance history of their parts, if applicable.

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