The Next Generation of Aircraft Maintenance Software.

Aerotrax is an enterprise software company focused on digitally tracking the lifecycle of every aircraft, part, and component.

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Why we do what we do.


Tracking aircraft part configuration digitally throughout its lifecycle significantly improves safety, compliance, and operational efficiencies in the Aviation & Aerospace industry.


One of the greatest challenges in aircraft operations is planning, executing, and managing maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations.


We envision a future where aircraft operators can receive any part anywhere in the world in under an hour.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to connect the aviation industry supply chain with secure, reliable, and actionable digital infrastructure.

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Aerotrax Technologies: September Update

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From the Dorm Room to Boardroom: The Aerotrax Journey

R3’s 2019 University Pitch Competition last spring involved eighty first round teams from six continents, all competing...

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We see a future where every aircraft, part, and component is tracked and traced in a distributed network.

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