The aOS Platform

Aerotrax Operating System (aOS) is a modular collaboration and workflow management system driven to optimize data sharing across the aircraft supply chain. The system architecture allows the rapid onboarding of new customers and data integrity through a highly performant, secure, efficient platform.

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aOS is the connective tissue for the global Aviation & Aerospace supply chain.

Rapidly onboard your approved vendor list to build your digital supply chain network. Drive efficiencies across materials management, repair order management, and purchase order management with an integrated one-stop-shop.


Digital Thread

The component-level architecture enables Airlines, MRO Service Providers, and Suppliers to seamlessly create digitally native assets with necessary safety and compliance documentation.

Share component-level data with need to know parties, and gain visibility into what’s happening when off wing and outside the hangar. With an obsessive focus on high-fidelity data and standardization (spec2000, spec2500, and other customer industry best practices), aOS surfaces data into a format that everyone can quickly act on.


Workflow Automation

Through powerful data transformation and synchronization, aOS automates the management of purchase orders and parts throughout the lifecycle.
Whether your System of Record is cloud-based or on-prem, syncing up to our APIs or SFTP process flows can be accomplished in weeks - instead of months or even years. Say goodbye to double entry.


Purpose-built Applications

By connecting into Systems of Record across the value chain, we bring the most actionable data to the right person at the right time.

As champions of our customers, we readily welcome feedback on the dashboards, workflows, and processes so that we can empower you - and your team - through all of your supply chain operations.


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