Aerotrax Brings Next-Gen Platform to MRO Americas 2023

April 20, 2023


Aerotrax is an enterprise software company focused on digitally tracking the lifecycle of every plane, part, and component in the air and on the ground. By better connecting the People who manage Supply Chain and Technical Operations to secure, reliable, and actionable data, we advance our mission to promote a safer, more sustainable, and more efficient Aviation and Aerospace industry.

Product and Value Proposition

Aerotrax Operating System is a data visibility and workflow management system driven to optimize collaboration, security, and analytics in the Aviation Aftermarket Supply Chain. We deliver bottom line value improvements to Suppliers of parts and Suppliers of Component MRO services and enable them to provide a differentiated approach to the market.

  • Cost Reduction | aOS implementation can decrease Total Costs by reducing Inventory carrying costs, legacy system costs and administrative costs associated with closing Orders.
  • TAT Reduction | aOS implementation can save 2-10 days in Turnaround Times, increasing Backlog velocity, and breaking through previously stated ceilings of capacity.
  • Real Time Visibility | aOS implementation improves end customer experience by providing a differentiated digital service, driving retention and repeat business.

aOS is distributed via a Software as a Service model. This means that new features and product enhancements can be shipped “over-the-air”, allowing our team to take in customer feedback quickly and implement it into the product offering.

At our core, we believe technology should handle aggregating and reporting information, allowing People to spend more time strategically planning instead of wrangling data.

Recent Updates

“The picture I’m trying to paint is that sustainability is multi-faceted,” Bettenhausen adds. “No single pledge, policy, product, or person automatically makes an organization sustainable. It’s the little things that are done on a daily basis...

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Aerotrax's ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification reinforces its position as a trusted partner in the aviation and aerospace industry. The company's Aerotrax Operating System (aOS) continues to provide a secure, , efficient platform for data sharing and...

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